Ps3 to xbox360 converter pro


Does any know where I can get the controller converter pro from (the gray official one from) I saw airtola using it on the fight for youth stream every where I look its sold out.


The group consensus here is there no worth wild PS3 to Xbox 360 controller adapters on the market.
As the PS3 to Xbox 360 (and) vise versa are ether heavily lag prone or built so cheaply that they fall apart after a new months.

If someone was using some adapter on some stream, it could be a custom adapter or a prototype, or it could of been discontinued
[S](I can personally don’t care for streams any more because of the aris incident but that is a different topic, that whole issue sicken me).[/S]

I know the adapter your talking about the HDE, there alot of hype about it a few months ago, but as soon as the hype came it the excitement died. It turned out the HDE was a bust.

[For game pads] Honestly you are far better off looking into the PS2 to Xbox 360 Adapter solution than looking at PS3 controllers.
If this is a arcade stick and not a game pad, you need to look into dual-modding your stick.

make sure you hit up this thread for info on converters
Converter Compatibility Thread


i have the xconverter already and its great but when i use the ps2 pad the L2 and R2 buttons have to be mashed hard do to ps2 controller pressure sensitive crap


If I am assuming you mean the X Converter adapter from eTokki:
Problem is with the pad then not the Converter, PS2 shoulder pads should not be that stiff.

There is no good PS3 to Xbox 360 converters ANYWHERE, its kind of a dead end so I wouldn’t pursue it unless you are a EE major and was going to build your own.


so do you have a link for a good ps2 to xbox360?>


Edit: NVM, wrong thread…