PS3 Tournament Fightstick on 360?



New here been browsing this website on and off at work and decided to join today loving it!

I just recently brought a madcatz arcade fight stick for the 360 and was walking past my local CEX shop and saw a PS3 Tournament Fight stick now Im really getting into SFIV and would love one of these sticks is there anyway I can use this stick on the 360? Either by a plugging it in or modding it somehow?

Thanks for the help, if I can’t manage to do this im just going to mod the arcade stick instead :wink:


Dual modding seems to be easier using an xbox 360 stick and using one of toodles Cthulu boards inside. Lets you dual mod it. Check that thread labeled “2 PCB’s in 1 stick…possible?”

But there’s this new converter out that lets you go from ps3 to xbox360. Not sure how good it is but I believe its being tested by a couple SRK’ers and like…Markman. Check the thread.

Just use the search function dude. You’ll get alot of stuff.