PS3 Training?



Is there anywhere I can find a group of people to train online on the PS3 with?


you can train with me: add lucassng


add me


addme AHMADR786


Up Your Game Homepage Click chat, Make up a nickname. There’s a bunch of people who use PS3 there and sometimes you get streamed. Alot of good people go there.


I’ll train with you, add me, Xx8-bitzombiexX

I actually need some one to train with too. There’s a small tournament where i live in like 2 weeks and i would really appreciate some help training. I mostly have trouble against Blanka, Guile, Dhalsim and Fei Long.

I play practically every night (like at 8PM or 10PM pacific time). Hope someone can help me out, doesn’t matter if you don’t play one of the characters i mentioned, if you’re good and i can learn something, then i’ll be really thankfull for the help.


add me psn: iplayryu


add me too
psn: flytai45

also you should prob check out that link that bakedjono posted earlier. its an irc chat that i happen to be a part of. alot of skilled people play there regularly


mmm where are you from? like continent…


add me…

psn: DMAmul


Hey all I have a friend that plays ryu on psn his name is jim-magic I’m just throwing that outthere in case anyone wants to train with him FYI he’s not into forums so I’m doing this for him.


Anybody here can add me.

PSN: Yewni


Anyone can add me.

PSN: beyonddestiny15


Feel free to add me too, I’m pretty new to the game and am trying to improve.

PSN: Aesop30


I’m on it but in all honesty the game sucks on PSN.

PSN: DsSGame


Throwing my name in the hat as well. PSN ID: Frank_Lucas83. I’ve played on XBL and now I’m trying out the PSN with my new Hori V3-SA stick! Feels different me thinks…



You can add me: DaddyOtaku.

I could use help with my Ryu matchups against other characters.


I’m not sure how active this forum is right now, but I figured what the heck.

I’m trying to train for NEC in early December, and need help with my Guile against a solid Ryu. I’m wondering if any PSN Ryu would be interested in a solid hour of games against Guile. I’m current 2500 points with Guile, but have been playing/beating players of 4000-5000. I live in Philadelphia, so being on this coast would be a plus! If anyone is available tonight, please post up with your PSN!. I’d be ready for games by 7:30 PM eastern time, and free all evening.

PSN = Skkra


Hey man, I’d love to play, I consider myself a solid ryu, and guile match up experience would be great, plus I’m in Ohio so the connection should be pretty good.
My psn is ll-Steel-ll, but I’ll have to friend request you, because I forget if I used uppercase i’s or lowercase L’s when I made my name, haha
But yeah I’ll def down for some games at 7:30


Awesome. Shoot me a request to Skkra, and I’ll hop on my PS3 by 7:30 and wait to catch you. Have an alarm set on my iPhone… I’ll be there!

It’ll be great to get an extended set against a solid Ryu. Every time I play one, by the time I’m starting to put together a strategy, the match is over!