PS3 "USB has reached its max limit"?

I was playing on ps3 with my stick which I have been doing for some months but when I tried playing today I got a error which read something along the lines of
"USB has reached its maxium limit please remove at least one USB drive"
I only have my stick plugged in and I havnt ever had this message before and it dosent seem to effect the anything but when I am playig online and I get a big black box in the corner every 30secs-5mins and it got a little irritating.
Has anyone else had this problem/know how to fix it?


Had that problem when i was using a logitech pad on it, I ignored the signs and then it ended up fucking up my pad and didn’t work no more, so same thing can happen to you idk.

It’s probably referring to power usage. Is the stick made for PS3?

its made for ps3/ps2/pc

I was hoping it would just go away but i’m not that lucky it seems :lame:

This happened to me when I wired up a chutulu but had the usb wires a little too close together and some of the wires were touching each other which caused the erorr message to appear. You should check the wiring of the usb wire.

It would probably help to mention what kind of pcb is in it. If its an MC cthulhu, you should verify you’re not putting anything into the VCC screw terminal. If its a pcb from the mayflash/elecom stick, beats me.