PS3 VGA options


Can someone please point me to a thread that discusses PS3 VGA options/benefits/detriments/methods in detail? Sadly, you can’t actually SEARCH for PS3 VGA as those search terms are too “short.”

Apologize in advance. Thanks.


Well the only PS3 VGA cable I know if is made by Mayflash,

There is a way to wire one up using existing parts but I don’t know the schematics

You can get most your info from here
The New HDTV Lag FAQ

The whole idea with using VGA on a HDTV is that you by-pass most (if not all) the image post processing.
Each HDTV does a under of Image post processing to image the image usable.

This includes
]Scaling and Resizing
Some HDTVs will add additional processing to make the image sharper or adjust for color, post process anti-alisting or even 3D effects.

Many people instead turn towards computer monitors that support HDMI which lack the image post processing or find cheaper TVs that leave out alot of thew unnecessary image processing.
Finding a Cheaper TV that does this is hit or miss and unfortunately most TV manufacturers are more concern with Movie viewing than gaming


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I find it easier to use Google to search the forums. Tend to get more accurate results. :slight_smile:


I have an old HDFury 1 that I use whenever I need to get an RGB HDMI/DVI source into RGBHV. The newer ones can handle HDMI 1.4 and YCbCr in and out also. HDFury might be a little overkill for general gaming but the image quality is very high (good enough for critical film viewing) and they are essentially lagless. At least my old one is. :slight_smile: It is nice to have one around.

You can also go component to VGA, but depending on your situation you may have issues with HDCP. I used to use one of these and keep it around for component to VGA conversion: It is good enough for home theater use also.

If you’re talking gaming only there are cheap cables available and stuff like the HDBox Pro that is also good for older sources that want to be upscaled, but you are going to take a hit in picture quality.


I have the one VGA cable set that works for the PS3 & Wii. It has a female end, and comes with a male adapter.

These cables work perfectly with CRT monitors since most of them have a male connection.

My only complaint with these cables is that the screen will sometimes black out on your for half a second if there are too much flashing lights going on.

One thing to consider though is that these cables don’t work well with PDP tvs. Their good with LCDs, and any consumer CRT that comes with a VGA input. Don’t know how well they work with LED’s or DLP’s, but I do imagine you will find some difficulties with it.


Skip the converters and keep it analog and cheap, you can go RGB SoG -> RGBHV (VGA) with a simple circuit, we were discussing it in this thread: Does the Asus VH236H support SoG?


Ultra Spec Cables is actually a store run by FGC peeps. Check 'em out for all your cable needs, buy they have a PS3/Wii VGA that works fine by me:


I have that cable, does not work well for me. All of the colors are washed out to the point of being 80% unviewable.


Interesting. :frowning: