PS3 VLX For Sale!



$320 Shipped, If you’d rather not deal with EBay, please shoot me a PM and I’ll send you paypal info etc.

It’s been a blast my friends but this old man is hanging it up. Selling off a TON of sticks on EBay. Please feel free to bid/have a look. I won’t be on SRK much so direct message me if you have questions through the EBay messaging.
Thank you all for the last few months of good vibes/sales and fun :slight_smile: I’ll still be fighting but just not as obsessively as before.


hope the best for you man!!! ill spread the word to my friends bout your items (my friend may be interested in your namco stick)


Woah what happen to all the ebay listings? There are only 2 left. Did you just take offers and sell them?


PS3 VLX is still for sale! Someone get it! Thanks for all the help selling the other sticks guys, I know a few of you got some goodies. This is the last one for a while.