Ps3 vs x360 online


so I had the chance to see ps3 mvc2 online the other day and I was fucking amazed by the HUGE difference in online play. I’ve probably have played 2000 games of mvc2 online for the x360 and its atrocious to say the least compared to ps3 version. Matter of fact, my best connection on the x360 wasn’t even CLOSE to what I saw the other day. I probably watched 5 games of ps3 online and there was virtually NO skipping or teleporting going on. I’m not positive where the connections were coming from but I can’t even get that type of connection while playing people located in the south. Hell, I can’t even get a good connection between my city and jacksonville FL which is only 200ish miles away.

why are the net codes so different? and is there anyway we can get the patch people to address this issue before they release the patch? why am I paying for a shitty online play when the ps3 version is clearly better and free?

I want to do a side by side comparison to show the patch people whats up, can anyone help me out on that? The difference is literally night and day.


Hmm, I was considering buying this on my buddy’s ps3. I must ask, did you test this with identical internet connections? As much information about the set ups besides systems would be helpful.

And other opinions.


It was just the basic internet package that provided here by cox cable. I have a few friends in the city with the x360 version and I’ve the opportunity to test it from multiple spots and its just not as good. I plan to bring an x360 over to my buddies house this weekend who has the ps3 version and test it from there with a side by side test. However, I doubt a few words will let the guys @ capcom know whats wrong. They’ll need some type of video proof…

If anyone has both systems and the game on both, can you provide some more info?

I know capcom has been working on the patch to make the game more tourney worthy but addressing the online performance should be a concern as well. I mean, they re-released it for that intent right? why not make it better or as good as your sony competitor who lets you play online for free. If the patch comes out and the netcode is still garbage on the x360, I’m fucking buying a ps3. Why should I pay for a horrible online experience?

also, it looks like the ps3 version handles the graphics a little better. First of all, the character select screen doesn’t even lag or if it does, its very little. Secondly, the weird glitches like the first SJ or first assist call lag the game down are not present in the ps3 version all though I didn’t have a chance to personally test it. The opener doesn’t even bog down like it does on the x360. I’ll try to gather up some more info by the weekend but the ps3 version online is clearly superior @ this point.


For sure… something I have mentioned b4… I couldn’t understand everyone bitching about the online lag for so long… til I saw it on my buddies 360 and it seemed nigh on unplayable online…

On 360 the main time lag sux is at the beginning o’ the match. All I could do was hold strait up/block at the start or some frame skipping mags would tag me instantly… …on ps3 I can actually look at what he’s doing at try something else with relative confidence.

I also couldn’t understand why everyone was bitching about ahvb being so much worse… b/c on ps3 I am still able to teleport out on reaction with spiral… then I tried on a 360… sigh… damn mic0rsoft… glad I stuck w/ps3… even tho I got no castle crashers or left4dead…

On ps3 I play pretty much lag free with my buddy in Washinton state… and I’m in Indiana… like a couple thousand miles away…hehe


There’s no unbloCable on PS3? That by itself proves PS3’s superiority, along with the other stuff.


no the UB AHVB are still in the ps3 version but I think since the frame skipping is so small that characters with very fast startups on specials\supers can still be active right there.


it’s actually been the opposite for me. I’ve had better connections on XBOX while playing some Chi people on PS3 is just awful :’(. I would say xbox is clearly superior…but honestly it’s just different (RANDOM) for different people it seems.


I hate to admit it, but when the connection is good, ps3 is wayyyy better than xbox. none of that teleporting bullshit or that slight lag right when the round starts. however, when there is lag on the ps3, there’s still teleporting and all the bs from xbox, and yes theres still cable unblockable lag or no lag, which is so garbage. but ive had more smooth matches than laggy matches =D. Even though the connection on ps3 is good, there’s way more competition on xbox. You dont have to deal with playing venom/guile/XXX every round, and almost everyone disconnects every single f’n match cuz the scoreboard system is broken. But ps3 doesnt freeze when people dc like the 360 does =(. marvel online is whack, but crack.
So, 360>ps3 competition
ps3>360 connection


when the connection is good…I also do not have any teleporting on xbox360 at all. I tend to have better matches on xbox than ps3

but you have to take into account, that it might be happening on your opponent’s side.

I’ve also had the ps3 freeze many more times than xbox360, even when not playing online. and just the menu startup lags like crazy

it varies and is random, so pretty I don’t think any 1 person can say an all encompassing definitive statement that one is better than the other, at least not yet.


My fear is that the netcode will not be patched either way… I haven’t read up on it much… but I’d be surprise to find that backbone was involved in any patching for the game… on either system.

I swear ahvb DOES take a tad more time to come out on PS3 than on 360… tho it can still be an issue. Still I think my game against cable has gotten a lil better b/c of it. Where before I was very careful to not put myself in position to get ahvb… now I’m very very very careful…hehe


what would be the most effective way to test this?

person A and person B both need to have a ps3\360. Then do individual tests per system always going to the same person?


I’m not sure. it’s honestly weird and random imo. At the very least, 1 system will not always prove superior to other for everyone : /


I doubt the netcode is any different but the PS3 version arranges search results with the lowest ping first. 360 version does not.
if you use quick match I have no idea what happens.
and I guess youre more likely to have people using wireless connections on PS3.


There are too many variables here between system and network for any of us to have a real answer. Any experience is anecdotal and therefore flawed.


As far as I know, the 360 does not have the console freezing glitch at the game search screen that the PS3 does. Other than that, I think they are fairly similar.


My understanding is that it’s the graphics engine, not the netcode.