PS3 vs. XBOX


This is not some silly bullshit thread. However, if someone has already figured all this out, just point me where, if not, then I would like to research it.

My goal is to find someone to help me out in this as I want to solve this problem, that and wipe it in Crapcom’s face that they need to ADMIT THEIR MISTAKE with PS3 HDR. I want to record the game offline, on both systems, I don’t have an xbox, but I do have a PS3, and I’m trying to find a way to boost the quality on my computer’s webcam, its good enough, but could be better. If someone could record XBOX, that would be great.

I want to know just what kind of timing/speed difference we are talking about between the two different versions. I need some technical help, if any of you (OJ!!) have the resources. What is the exact speed that ST ran at when skipping frames? How many frames per second? I ask because windows movie maker breaks the videos down frame by frame at 3.33 ms. We should test on turbo 0 since that’s what T.akiba made his guide on.

Is there already a known difference between XBOX HDR and ST, since we should at the moment classify XBOX HDR as HDR PERFECT.

Really though, if everyone already knows the answer, than I feel like an idiot, but at least would like to see the info if its out there.

BTW, the thread title is just to get people in here. :wgrin: