Ps3: where is everyone!?

A week or 2 ago i could get matches with no problem. The online seems dead already. Where the freaking hell are you hiding guys

behind your port blocking router

They all switched to XBL. That’s what I did.

Might just be you, because when ever I turn on my PS3 and start playing arcade mode not even 5 seconds pass before someone challenge me again (but I got 4 green bars all the time)

PS3 just takes too damn long to get a match. Better competition is on xbox live

Can any European guys comment on how the abox live competition/activity is in Europe? I only have a PS3 but I may just do it…although it’ll cost me a lot since I’ll also need a new stick, fucking lame sticks aren’t universal.

It’s pretty active, but I’m playing on PC right now, even though there aren’t as much good players like on XBL.
Yesterday I tried to play on Xbox again, and everything felt so slow, the menus, the loading times and I barely could find people to play with.
I was playing at 5-6pm and it was a pain in the ass, but it was probably bad luck.
Dropped PS3 entirely because the other version are superior.

Please explain. And no, I’m not trolling, genuinely curious.

PS3 seemed quite active now in AE. I’m not sure now though as I haven’t played on PS3 since AE PC was released.

AE online on xbox360 is moderately active in EU. No problem to find a match.
The char variety is a mess though. Half the cast is practically not played (except when fooling around in endless).

Same here.

Got the game 2 weeks ago. I’ve played over 800 matches and I have to say that the competition is a lot better on 360.

Yea PC baby, if urs can run it. That’s around the time PC came out.

It’s not just the competition, although that’s a very important point, input lag is real bad on PSN. While XBL isn’t arcade perfect, it’s way more consistent than its competitor.

I don’t have any problem finding matches on PS3 - no input lag issues either, and I play on a fiber optic connection. =)

So now we know. If you have a fiber optic connection, go with PSN. If you have a regular connection, go with XBL.

It’s not PSN that’s the problem, it’s there are more wireless users on PSN than XBL.

XBL vs. PSN vs. PC discussion never ends well. Ever.