"PS3" White Qanba 1


Ok so I got the Q1 from the retro store near me. They know nothing about fighting games, like they advertised a Super Turbo tournament with a screenshot of the hdr character select screen, then they said on their fb page for everyone to get ready for the super turbo tournament, and they posted a pic with it that was of the SNES port of Hyper Fighting. (face palm) Theyre even charging $150 for the original SF 4 mad catz arcade stick, that should be like $60 at most to me.

Well, My Qanba 1 is a 360 arcade stick. When i was at Game Over today i brought up how my supposedly PS3 stick didnt work on my friends ps3 and the manager said that i had to download a driver and install it on a ps3 for it to work on a ps3 but itll work on a pc just fine. I also brought up how when I looked at the buttons they had A, B, LT and RT under them which are Microsoft terminology not Sony and he said that they just had those terms because of it also works on computers…I got a little upset inside since i bought a ps3 stick from another friend this weekend for $50 and i liked thinking i had both consoles covered. well tonight i went on amazon and the ps3 qanba 1 is black and the 360 is white like mine is, and they both had their correct consoles terminology below the buttons. Then I inspected the properties of the Qanba 1 and its clear as day a 360 stick.

So not only do these people not know fighting games but they dont know when theyre being had by someone. I should also note that I couldnt find the users manual which would have told me what console the stick was made for. Im gonna call them tomorrow and tell them that I dont want my money back but I just want them to tell other stores like the one I was in today where I got Darkstalkers 3 to properly list the 360 stick as a 360 stick and not print out and slap on a “PS3/PC” sticker o nit and to not make the receipts say its a ps3 stick. Jesus…






After all the Qanba bashing I done, I find this amusing.


the qanba sticks get a little tricky since they don’t carry official licenses for the consoles they’re played on. with more legit manufacturers like hori or madcatz you will clearly see an xbox 360 or ps3 logo on the box they’re sold in. shop owners can be a little dense about the video game products they sell sometimes but it can also work in your favor. the ps3 q1s generally sell for cheaper than the 360 versions. how much did you buy yours for anyway?


Down load the drivrrs onto your PS3. Alert. This man (the store manager) is an idiot.


Or he lied to make a easy sale.

My experience is that import shops will do what they can, say what they need to to make a sale.


They know their stuff pretty well, but they just have that mental block when it comes to fg’s like most gamers who “dont like” fighting games. He was lied to I think, it cost me $70 and Im happy with it, I like the clear top with the symbols under it in grey. The art direction is FAR better than the XTekken stick I got. Im gonna call them today and tell them this, hopefully they dont have an attitude.


He held really really firmly on it being a PS3 stick. I told him I didnt want my money back or anything because I have a really good ps3 stick now but I want them to be aware that since this mixup happened to me it can happen again. Im lucky I live close to them and could get an actual PS3 stick but he should have listened more to reason. I told him theres no driver to download to get the stick to work on a ps3 and the back of the box does say that it works for ps3 and pc but the picture above that is of the BLACK Q1 which has the X, O and RB/LB terms under them. I told him to call other game overs since I saw a south location have a shipment in of the Q1 and ask if they have compatibility issues too if they plug a white one into a ps3.


It’s good of you to inform them, in the interest of other consumers, but don’t help places with shitty customer service. Vote with your feet. Walk out and don’t go back. Leave them to rot. They’re not going to change.

With online shopping, secure payment, worldwide shipping and a relatively competitive gaming market out there, physical shops need to be squeaky clean in order to stay competitive. Furthermore, if they don’t respect the human element that they have; the only advantage they have over online sellers, then they’re not worth your time.
Even if he thought you were full of shit, he should have shook your hand, apologized and offered to fix the problem, rather than telling you you were wrong and sending you away looking for non-existent drivers and all that nonsense.


or as I like to say Vote with your Wallet.


I cant return the stick even if I wanted to since I took it apart to put in a octagon gate that came with it, thy probably wouldnt be savvy enough to check for it being opened but I dont want to take it back anyway. He did say if I was having issues with the stick I could return it and have the money go for one of the Q4’s they have since they dont have another Q1. I just dont know why he kept saying it HAD TO BE a PS3 stick and where the driver download talk came from. The store is hit and miss, Ive had pretty spotty buys from them before but over all its the only place within walking distance from me to go to and hangout for a bit. The staff have to put up with weird people coming in all the time and Im a pretty weird person so Ill give them some leniency.

At least Igot the Street Fighter Tribute book for $10 from there yesterday, it has a lot of coo l drawings and paintings.


Doesn’t mean you have to continue doing business with them


Also that he offered you a downpayment on a q4 in exchange is bullshit. You’re entitled to a full refund since the item was unfit for the purpose as specified. The guy is making his own rules. If you really must deal with him, just be wary and make sure you know your rights.


I agree. The Exchange rule is BS. Unless the store states before the sale that “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” you have a right for a refund. And that is preferably in writing.
Also if the product is defective or been given a wrong/incorrect item you have the right for a refund. You also can ask for what is the refund policy prior to any sale, and if you can have that policy in writing.

Many legitimate businesses have the return/refund policy printed on the sales recipe.

Only thing that would void your return that you open/modify the stick.


my q1 360 stick came in a ps3 q1 box. maybe they saw the box and threw it in as that. it even said ps3/pc on the side. i was pissed when i first saw the box come in from the mail but when i opened it, i found out that its actually white.


Weird, Ill send an email to Qanba’s customer service then.


Ok, so I was gonna swap out the guts of my Xtekken ps3 stick to the 360 Q1, but that just cant happen due to the XTekken usb cable being soldered to the Home button rectangle in it, and the the stick wires are also plugged into it as well.

Anyway I looked in the Q1’s pcb and one of the terms on the bottom where the cords are connected has PS3 on it…WHAT!? So why isnt 360 on there? Theres Start, PS3, Mode, Turbo there along where those buttons wires are connected.

I sweat the thing didnt work in my friends PS3, and my computers properties say its a 360 stick. So whats up? I dont have a smart phone to take pics of it.


i threw my jlf stick in my q1. the buttons are pretty good. feel about the same as sanwa but the stick is differentially a no no in the q1. all you need is a stick and the rest seems good to me


i have a stick now that has sanwa parts ss when i get a ps360 ill swap those into it.


I’d go with the cthulhu since your stick is already a 360 model- it’s cheaper, seems to have fewer issues, and has better legacy console support if you do the rj45 mod.