PS3 wireless arcade stick LED mod, help required

Hi all, had a working stick in a shoebox, but now I have decided to upgrade to a wooden case instead … While planning the case I started considering adding some LEDs to the mix considering that I have the clear sanwa buttons. My only problem is that the stick uses a ps3 wireless pcb (the old one, the sixaxis and not dual shock one) and I was wondering whether I can add an LED mod to this pcb.

I was trying to look at some tutorials to try to understand what I would need, up till now I have noticed the uila leds and the fgwidget/spark controller … None of these have been applied to a wireless controller so I was not sure whether this is possible.

Other led noob question, if I add a resistor and an led in series with the button, would that light up when the button is pressed? Would I be doing something wrong?

Thanks for your time

The Six axis runs on 3.5 volts, most USN sticks run on 5 volts which the FG widget and Spark expects.
It can me done but you need a DC to DC converter or a secondary power source.

Bewared you will drain the battery faster with LEDs unless you use a 2nd power source.

If you use a LED board like the FG Widget or the Sparky you do not need resistors for your LEDs, if you are not using a controller board you need resistors to step down the voltage so you do not blow the LEDs.

The signal line can’t provide power like that, the chimp on your Six Axis PCB is looking for a change in voltage to know if a button is pressed.
The LED would drop the voltage as it is using up some of that power hence the chip would not detect the correct voltage.

LEDs need to be wired to its own power source, it only can share the ground line with the buttons.

Also the Six Axis board is not a common ground board, so unless you use the Project Leo adapter to make the Six Axis a Common ground board, it not be compatible with the FG Widget or Sparky.

Thank you very much for your quick reply … quickly cleared things up for me!

I will finish the stick than think about if to add any LEDs afterwards :slight_smile: