PS3 wireless custom stick question


So i have been looking for threads for the past few hours and cant seem to find a complete guide that explains how to use a sixaxis PCB and make a custom fight stick with it while maintaining the plug and play wireless aspect…

All I really was able to find was the axisadaptor which i think is for setting up a common ground and the padhacking thread is simply too big to search through…

Is there a complete guide for making the fight stick and maintain wireless or only while wired?


If you also looked at all the videos on youtube you probably would have an idea.

Its documented in the threads here pretty clearly also.


I just finished making my first wireless stick a couple months back. For the usb port i actually just desoldered the female usb jack on the pcb got some stranded wire so i could actually mount the usb port inside of my case. To mount it in there i put a hole roughly the size of the usb port but not so big that when you pull out your charge cable it will slip out. On the inside you can keep it in place w/ hot glue.


Easiest option is to get a sixaxis pcb (from the controller) and an axisadapter then just plug the ribbon cable from the adapter to the pcb and run wires to your buttons from the adapter.

That way your not having to solder stuff.


Ok so i looked a little closer at the axisadaptor and saw that it could be made by myself, and everything is coming together, but just 1 last problem which im sure isnt an issue but just want to make sure, will an extension USB cord from mini usb male to mini usb female affect the charging?




this is how mine looks

i pretty much used this thread as a guide

Official AXISdapter Thread: SIXAXIS/DS3 Hacking Made Easy

specifically this PDF

i used a USB mini b cable like this one

i use the cable for charging, syncing, and to use on the PC. tho i could run it wirelessly
via bluetooth. i believe there are drivers to do so but ive yet to try it.

and modified the smaller end so it would just be the connector with out the huge
protective jacket around it. i then covered it with some heat shrink.

the PS3 PCB is not a common ground so in my case i needed to modify the TE
terminal strip so that the were 3 commons (left, right, center) the commons are
all described in the PDF above.

aside from that, the stick is the same as any other stick and wiring is very straight
forward, you should have all you need info wise with the sixaxis adapter thread.

let me know i you have any Qs