PS3 Wireless Fighting Stick 3 - Need Assistance With Modifcations

Well, I recently purchased the Hori Wireless Fighting Stick 3 (specs can be found here --> .

I am looking to swap out the buttons, ball top, and gate. However, I looked at the screws and cannot tell what type of screwdriver I need to open the casing. Also, I do not know what I am going to see once I pop it open to replace my parts. So, if anyone has a link to a tutorial for the process for these modifications, as well as information on what I need to perform these modifications it would be greatly appreciated!!!

There is more than one way to mod.
But to mod this is same as any HORI Fighting Stick.

I start you with few links.
You will read every of them.
You will check every Thread referred to in each also.
Even if the links do not look like what you need, you have to read them.

Thank you for the help!