PS3 wireless PCB setup (w/ wires) $20 shipped usps priority


For sale is a six axis wireless stick setup for PS3. Includes everything in the picture. Pulled it from a working stick about a year ago. $20 shipped usps priority.


Lowered prices. Ebay stuff over on Sunday. Most shmups under $10 right now on there.


I’m the one who bought DDPR from you on eBay :slight_smile: thanks again, it came fast!


Cool man, enjoy!


Prices lowered 8/25


Prices lowered 8/31


Lowered prices 9/6


Both wood sticks shipped for $230?


$220 for both wood sticks shipped? $300 for all shipped?


How has no one jumped on this yet??? Honestly, its probably a good thing I live quite down in the Caribbean


Wood sticks are being traded with darth_steve. Tek case still available!


I thought it was a good deal too? I’d keep them if we didn’t have so many sticks and moving into a tiny apartment.


Sent ya a pm


Price drop bump


I might be interested


Make sure when you package this, it is well placed. I just bought someone ones tek innovations stick and if it not placed right, the plexi case will snap because people delivering (USPS/UPS etc) don’t care whats in a light box.


Good advice, I always make sure the sticks are well packaged! Still for sale.


Added three more of our custom sticks!


That host club stick looks amazing!


Chun li stick sold!!