PS3 Wireless Streetpad (Madcatz Fightpad) review + dpad fix

This is pretty much the same as the Madcatz Fightpad but with a few small differences. I have no idea who the manufacturer is; it’s most likely by the same Chinese manufacturer the made the Fightpad which Madcatz slapped it’s name/SF license on.


-color/theme: mine came in plain black
-dpad: the Streetpad has a textured dpad, the Fightpad has a smooth dpad
-buttons: the Streetpad has plain black buttons with white markings, the Fightpad has clear buttons
-button feel: the Streetpad’s buttons have a harder click than the Fightpad buttons
-rubber grip: the Streetpad doesn’t have the rubber grip that the Fightpad has on the sides
-Home button: the Streetpad’s Home button sticks out higher than the Fightpad’s Home button
-leds: the Streetpad has blue lights, the Fightpad has red lights
-gloss: there are no gloss parts on the backside of the Streetpad
-markings: the setting for dpad is “DS” on the Streetpad for some reason
-price: the Streetpad costs half as much as the Fightpad

Everything else is pretty much the same. The wireless receivers are also interchangeable with either controller, and you can use both controllers on the system at the same time.

There is a big problem with the dpad but I’m not sure if I got a defective controller or not. The up/left and down/left diagonals have trouble registering. You have to press those diagonals harder than you would have to do for the up/right and down/right diagonals.

EDIT: Dpad Fix

It seems the manufacturer didn’t make the directional piece that hits the conducive pad thick enough. What I did was cut up some stickies and put them on each direction of the piece. I put two layers on each direction. You can substitute any adhesive paper. Add more layers for your preference. After doing that, the up/left and down/left diagonals come out with ease.

Here’s pics of the pcb. It reads: “KXPCB-PS31 20090906”. I’m guessing the latter is the manufacture date.

Judging by the spaces on the lower left/right, they probably intended to put rumble motors in:

Looks to be a bootleg of the MadCatz pad. Most likely whoever is making them for MC in China out to make some money on the side.

What does the Streetpad’s PCB look like?

To be honest, I have almost the same problem as well on my Madcatz 360 fightpad. Pressing left/down-left/up-left requires way more pressure than up/down/anything-right in order for it to register. I opened up the controller to look at the PCB, and I think it has to do with the combination of the way the shell of the controller is sloped more on the left side of the D-pad than the right side, and that the Left contacts on the PCB are only “raised up” (with solder blobs) as much as the Right contacts. Next time I have my soldering iron heated up I’ll take it apart again and I’ll try adding a little bit more solder to see if it makes it more responsive.

wow :slight_smile:

these seem really cheap, good PCB for modding ? :bgrin:

just found a thread with the 360 PCB and looks nice, wonder how much different the PS3 ones are

will the fightpad or streetpad work on the PC???

That’s odd. My Fightpad doesn’t have that problem. It seems that both pads are prone to the same problem. I got my Fightpad right when they first came out and lucked out that I got a good one.

Good question. I just tried my Madcatz Fightpad on my pc (Windows Vista Home Premium) and it works perfectly! Even the turbo and dpad setting switch works! The pc recognizes it as a “PS3 RF Pad”.

Fix the dpad problem. See first post.

Does anyone know if the pcb common ground?

Where can I get these? :confused:


StreetPad Street Fighter IV 4 Fight Pad Controller PS3 - eBay (item 150407308490 end time Aug-18-10 16:45:01 PDT)

i’m talking about a real site. i want a 360 one.


Got one of the street pads… and was good except for diagonals, double half rolls, double 360s, and dragon punch motion…

just diagons for blocking got better with use… tried to do the mod… and between how the screws were and how I maybe screwed em up failed to get em all lose :frowning:

anyone having problems with the above with the standard madcatz pad since I can’t seem to mod this one?