PS3 Wiring Question

I am working on my first custom controller, and have run into a snag.

While online, i can find many tutorials on how to convert an xbox controller into an arcade stick, but i cant seem to find one involving a PS3 controller.

I am currently trying to guy a PS3 controller and wire it up to a joystick, anyone have any schematics or a guide on this?

Any help is appreciated!

And for getting that for you, I need payment. A wired Sixaxis will do. PM me for my address.

Why buy a PS3 controller when A Cthulu board will work just as well and will be able to be hooked up without any soldering. Buy one at Modchipman for $40 and you’ll save money too.

This sounds like a great alternative. Would you happen to have any info on the board, like wiring guides or a tutorial/something of that nature?

Thanks again!

…There’s a thread, more than likely on the first page, saying ‘The Official Cthulu Board thread’, which will solve those questions and more before they even pop into your head.