PS3 => XB 360 joystick converter


Hi everyone,

I recently bought ssf4 for my xb360 after having played sf4 on pc using my PS3 TE stick. Since I would like to use the TE stick on the xb360, I was looking at dual modding it, until I came across this…

It’s apparently a converter that allows one to use PS3 joysticks on the xbox 360, including fightsticks…

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this product or similar products? Is there any lag or compatibility issues?



I was led to believe the XBox 360 controllers had some sort of encryption that made it impossible to emulate them with other controllers. But, maybe this is different.


Well there is a converter out there called XCM or something that does it, but it doesn’t work for the SF4 TE fightstick. Not sure if this one does or not… which is why I’m wondering for 25$ if it might be worth trying to find out :s


i had the xcm converter for a lil while and i can tell you that it sucks. you can feel the lag and it’s really frustrating. and it was really expensive too as well. $80


If someone has one of these things let me know how well it works (lag), I might save some bux with this lol.


It looks promising. Please tell if it does work.


Damn, I found this post via googling this product:

I guess it won’t work :frowning: sigh.
Might be a viable option for those of you who want to use ps2 fightsticks or the ps3 controller though!


Or you can use the paewang pcb which supports both.


Hmmm, I wonder if it could work with a MC Cthulhu, since you can connect both from usb and PS2 connector… lol
Damn, should I take the risk ? x3