Ps3 > Xbox 360 Adapter - Different Thread, Different help

I’m sorry to be posting this here, but i’m a little desperate.

The ESWC just announced that they will have tourneys here in Brazil and they will start in less than a month.

I currently own a HRAP3 for PS3 and i intend to use this stick on the tourney.

Is there a trustatle adapter/converter from PS3 to XBOX that i could use ?

Can anyone suggest ways for me to solve my problem that don’t involve ‘buy a te for xbox’ ?

Because sticks are really expensive here in Brazil and i already had to spent around 600 reais (our currency) for my stick and modification.

Can anybody help me ?

I do believe the only one that’s decent is the one Laugh is selling in his thread. Keep in mind this one requires buying a wired 360 controller too. Check his thread in the Trading outlet.

laugh is only selling ps2 to 360 converters so that wont help u out. there is only one i’m aware of is this one and it sucks. the only way to get reliability is for dual mod