PS3/Xbox 360 SOUL CALIBUR V Stick

Hey everyone! Please accept our sincere apology that we weren’t around to answer your questions during the holiday time… we have been busy trying to perfect our upcoming sticks :slight_smile:

I’m sure you have heard about it already from other threads but we will be releasing a SOUL CALIBUR V stick for both the PS3 and Xbox 360! Our sticks will be arriving next week so please stay tuned to our posts here and on Facebook/Twitter for more updates on the availability!

Length: 16.9 inches
Width: 10.6 inches
Height: 4.7 inches
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Cable Length: 9.8 ft
Stick Lever: JLF-TP-8YT-SK (Sanwa)
USB Port: Bus powered
Button (Circle,X,Triangle,Square,L1,L2,R1,R2): OBSF-30 (Sanwa)
Turbo Setting: 5 / 12 / 20 times/sec

Xbox 360
Length: 16.9 inches
Width: 10.6 inches
Height: 4.7 inches
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Cable Length: 9.8 ft
Stick Lever: JLF-TP-8YT-SK (Sanwa)
USB Port: Bus powered
Button (A/B/X/Y/←Trigger/→Trigger/←Bumper/→Bumper): OBSF-30 (Sanwa)
Turbo Setting: 5 / 12 / 20 times/sec

PlayStation 3 SOUL CALIBUR V Stick 3

Xbox 360 SOUL CALIBUR V Stick EX

For more details, please check out our website! (PS3) (Xbox 360)

We look forward to hear your feedback on the stick! :wink:

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Just a repost. Deleted the other so I wouldn’t break your chain of posts.

Good stuff. Been waiting on some more in-depth info about these sticks. I have a question if you wouldn’t mind answering (if you’re allowed of course :wink: )

Is the SC:V stick an HRAP-class stick? If not, is it a step up or down from the VX SA?

Also, in relevance to the recently released UMvC3 stick; I would assume that, internally, it is the same as the VX SA, which in theory would make it an HRAP-class stick right?

Hello Tragedy!

Thanks for your post! :slight_smile:

As for the answer to your question… the SCV Stick is a NOIR arcade cabinet that is a completely different model compared to the HRAP series.

In the end it depends on personal preference, but both sticks are our high end arcade stick that offers different features and style.

One feature you may enjoy about the SCV Stick is that…. the Start button can be covered up! :wink:

What’s that black square on the top right for?

Hello Chuu!

That is actually where the Start button is located! We added a feature so that the Start button can be covered up :slight_smile:

Not enough details!

What pcb are these sticks using? Assuming they are a new model pcb, then are they common ground?

Because Sanwa buttons have been installed, have these been wired up using quick disconnects?

Some pics of the insides would be appreciated.


I’ve never heard of anybody in the past few years soldering arcade parts like Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons to the PCB.
Hori and Mad Catz are aware that people like to mod their joysticks and repair/replace buttons, too.

As far as the PCB is concerned – and knowing Hori’s past record with its prestige joysticks (the HRAP’s) – it’s probably common ground, too.

Every HRAP joystick that I’ve owned – including the Tekken 5 and Arcana Heart 2 variants – has had a common ground PCB.

I don’t think that we’ve seen the last of the HRAP V cases, either. They’ll continue to exist alongside the Noir cases just like the Mad Catz TE and Pro cases are co-existing.

We’ve seen a lot less of the old Astrocade-style case Hori used in the past year (the case used for the HRAP 1-3 line as well as their licensed variants) but even that case has popped up recently as a pre-order for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue. Whether that’s the last hurrah for the HRAP 3 line I don’t know… I wouldn’t count the Astrocade case out, though. There are still a lot of people that prefer the old style cases.

Actually Georgey boy the common ground question is a valid one, since the Hrap EX (360 Variant) was not a common ground PCB. Everything else you pointed out are good points as always though.

Then you have not owned every HRAP :slight_smile:

how bout shipping to canada!

That… would be me. :wink:

HORI, you all have no idea how awesome these sticks are. I’m incredibly happy to see that at least one arcade stick manufacturer realizes that some of us desire to have access to the PS3’s R3/L3 and the Xbox 360’s Left Stick/Right Stick buttons. That has been my single biggest gripe about arcade sticks recently and I was worried that we may not see those buttons again after it seemed like the HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 line was suspended in favor of the Real Arcade Pro V3 and V3-SA lines. Now that you’ve brought it back, I couldn’t be happier. Thanks HORI! :smiley:

Just wondering what games do you use those buttons for on an arcade stick?

Put me down for one…TODAY! : D

Personally I’m gonna use them as record and play functions for training mode in Marvel.

Thanks for the great feedback Ikagi-chan! :slight_smile:

Great news everyone! We just received word that our shipment of the PS3/360 SOUL CALIBUR Sticks will be arriving on Monday (1/23)! We will be shipping them out starting that day so make sure to place your orders before they run out! (PS3) (Xbox 360)