PS3/XBOX360 Captain Americans



It would be nice to have a list of PSN or XBOX tags for CAPS who would like to session with others, especially with UMVC3 spectator mode coming out.

I’ll try and update this as much as I can. So yeah, just put down your PSN/XBOX name, and maybe your current rank or region.
*forum name- psn/xbox tag - region

Ken123103 - Ken123103
Prometheus - HervPrometheus - 6th
Kei_ - Kamukix
PunishIgnorance - PunishIgnorance
ReiGun - Reigun16

Oh Noes - Slash Wink
Dintrao - CrimsonYukikaze
metrokard - themetrokard
Kei - Kamukix
motion51- hyuuga kenshin - SoCal
Doyler01- JunkBuster - Ireland
Fromundaman - Fromundaman - Midwest
InfamouzKnight - Infamus Shadow
WingzeroC - WingZeroGC - Midwest


360: Slash Wink

I’m always game to play other people who rep Mr. Rogers.


360: CrimsonYukikaze

I’ve just been chilling in training mode lately though.


PS3: Ken123103

I’d love to play matches with anyone who wants to


im training with him for ultimate…if you guys want to help me out my screen name is themetrokard xbox 360. still cant land his combos online for some reason


Should probably clarify if you are PSN or XBL



PSN - 6th

You’ve reached max number of friends Ken :frowning:



XBL - no ranked matches played
east coast (have good connects with some of my west coast friends)

Had a lot of fun with Mythos13x yesterday, and his friend Tim (who is hilariously fun to fight). Always up for some matches/training. Message me first just in case my friends list is full so I can clear some room or at least setup a game, and invite you. :slight_smile:



xbl gt - hyuuga kenshin
region - west coast (socal, riverside county)


XBL tag : JunkBuster

Region : Europe (Ireland)

Think im 6th or 7th lord but I never play ranked…


XBL: Fromundaman
Region: Midwest


Xbl: Infamus Shadow
Im down to play anyone, just add me and we’ll throw down.


where are the psn Caps?!


XBL: WingZeroGC
Region: Midwest


thread up from the depths…

XBL and now PSN tags are both Kamukix

I should have the game for ps3 also in a few days (heck maybe I’ll go pick it up tonight if I have time). I just got the ps3 yesterday so feel free to hit me up, and make me run to the store to pick up another copy of a game I already own on the other system lol.



imma send a friend request soon. ready to get bodied! haha


Kei on psn?? Impossible!! I shall add at once!


PSN: PunishIgnorance

Tournament-grade or highly skilled players only please! :slight_smile:

SE Region


PSN: Reigun16

Not on much nowadays cause my stick is out of commission, but once I get that fixed, you’ll catch me around on weekends.


fought YungSleepy313, has a good Cap.A team. Might be the same Sleepy that plays in Michigan