PS3/XBOX360 Captain Americans



XBL: Cee Dizzy

You will catch me with this game on pretty much all the time unless one of my friends or brothers beg me to play something else. My Cap team is CapAm/Nemesis/Hawkeye or Taskmaster.


My Sgt. Justice awaits any and all comers: PSN: Nerfed2much


PS3: ScanVisor. (I’m thinking of buying a new account soon called “USALeonHeart”.)


Im looking for someone to train me! LoL I just picked up this game. Im an old school street fighter player, i havent played much new era Street Fighter/Marvel. My current team is Cap/Dorm/Doom.

Breadwp on PS3


m3x d3lun3z on Xbox - mainly run Spencer, Chris, and Cap. Live in L.A. Best thing about the team is when I accidentally call out caps assist at the same time as otg-ing into Chris’s All The Weapons hyper and Cap’s Charging Star assist knocks the opponent out of the combo and he then politely apologizes “Sorry Soldier!” before shamefully leaping off-screen.


XBLT: ARK Nutrient from Ireland, Europe

Add me for some Captain America or Haggar matches

I don’t play online too often as I’m busy beasting the UMVC3 scene in Dublin personally:p

Bucky costume too sick


Ps3: huh-disaintawii

If you have the elder sister, or the little sister, who are above 18, tell em add me yo!!
Lol I love Chris Hu :smiley:



I’m in UK.


Xbl: whatupike



PSN: ironbenji


My PSN: EpicRamen

My team: Captain America/Vergil/Strider.
Just hit me up when I’m online.


my PSN: CaptainCanadian




Out of the PSN Captain Americas here, who is in Europe or UK?



Cap/Iron Man/Doom or Nova/Cap/Chris or Iron Man.


PSN: laFunkhh

Spain - EU (pretty good connection, nonetheless)


PSN - DaronRashad
XBL - A Raptr




XBL- FBxSanity


XBL- Inspector Arch
I’m in Texas and play mostly in the morning. Also if anyone also plays Vergil or Magneto hit me up because i really need to train again those rushdown characters