PS3 Yobo Joybox controller converter


I recently purchased one of these. I use it to to connect my smartjoy frag FPS to my PS3 so i can play SSF4 with a keyboard. However, its not working properly, even when i plug in a ps2 controller into it. The controller lights up, indicating that its powered up. But then non of the buttons do anything; its not reading any commands.

Does anybody else have this and know if something special needs to be done to make this work?


When Sony released firmware 3.50 for the PS3, they hosed compatibility for a number of converters. The Yobo, unfortunately, being one of them. I have a couple of joysticks that were rendered completely useless for my purposes because of this situation.


I see in that thread that two converters that had been patched out were activated again. Is it possible that the yobo might also get activated again or should i just get my money back and get a different converter?


I purchased two ps2 > ps3 adapters for my old x-arcade joysticks directly from xgaming. Hopefully, they’re a company who will try their hardest to get the Yobo to be an exception. I don’t know the chances, but you’d probably be better off getting an InPin from