PS360+ and Padhack PS4: How do/would you do it?

I have been looking all over techtalk to see if this has been covered but no luck. I just want a native ps4 controller and ps360+ support both in one stick. There are enough 3rd party controllers available now that are easy to padhack but what is the best way. Phreakmods was nice enough to make crossbone for xbox one but the 8 min timeout and having a controller turned on isn’t really convenient. Can I use something like a imp v2 to attach something like hori fight pad 4 to a ps360? On Top of that if you guys already have an answer for that, next question is, do you think its possible to still use the switch on a q4raf to manually switch between ps360+ and PS4 fight pad?

I the main systems I want to connect to are xbox360, ps2,3 and 4, and dreamcast. Ideas?

You would approach it like any other dual mod. Use an imp or a dpdt to switch between boards, use the ps360 rj45 output and splice into the d+/d- lines.

USB would work too.

Not if he wants dreamcast and ps2 compatibility.

You are correct sir and I didn’t read the entire OP. My goof.

Can I treat the ps360+ the same as a McCthulu and just piggy pag the ps4 pad off of it? I can only assume the 1-20 connections of the ps360+ are there for that purpose but I never read anyone doing it. In my head it makes sense that I should be able to use and imp > ps360+ > PS4 pad.

last time I did a dual mod was pre McCthulu so it was a screw terminal and two pad hacks and two separate console cords… I’ve been spoiled by toodles and AkiCustoms

Yes, that’s basically how I did it, though I used a 20 pin header and a detachable ribbon cable (carefully plan your wire lengths if you do this- I didn’t).

Yeah, this is how my dual mod is set up as well. PS4 pad is wired to the 1-20 connections which flow through the screw terminals out to the QDs. I also use the Qanba Q4 case and use the case’s 360/PS3 dpdt switch to swap between PS4 and PS360+. I don’t use the RJ45 jack though so can’t comment on that.

Teyah, could you post a pic or even some detail to what you did? I want to mimic the same exact setup, even use the Q4RAF dipswitch as well to keep it as clean as possible. Anything you can share would help! Thank you all for the confirmation, I didn’t want to start buying this extra equipment before I had some confidence it would actually work.

I would you would just splice into the d+/d- of the rj45 cable going from the ps360 to your neutrik if you have one.

pzlate, i think i’ll end up doing what you said because it eliminates the imp and I can still use the dip switch on the Q4RAF to switch between ps4 or everything else (ps360+) If Teyahdoent beat me to it, once I do get it done i’ll post pics.