PS360+ and windows 10


Just built my first gaming PC in what feels like forever and have had a hell of a time getting any of my PS360+'s to register in windows 10. I’ve done a good amount of searching on here, and I was unable to find anyone with a problem like this, or a post that had a solution I have not already tried.

Error message in device manager in Universal Seriel Bus Controllers:
Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

I’m kind of running out of idea here on what I can do, but this is what I have tried:

  • 3 separate PS360+'s, all the same error.
  • Tried every USB port on the computer as well as thru 2 different hubs (powered and not)
  • Tried more than a few cables (1 six foot, 1 ten foot through a neutrik and 1 directly plugged into the ps360+)
  • Forcing 360 mode by holding down 2P ( or MP, whichever you want to call it)
  • Tried in PS3 mode as well, because why not?

Outside of these, I really don’t know what else I can do. I have several other sticks that I can use on my PC, but I’d really like to be able to use my hitbox for SFV.


I haven’t had any trouble with either ps360+ equipped stick I have on my windows 10 build. Maybe it’s a compatibility issue with your motherboard? Are your other sticks working with it? Are your ps360 boards still working with your old pc? Maybe a firmware update?


Yeah, other sticks are working fine on this PC. The PS360+ sticks work fine on my macbook pro running windows 7 as well.

I’m sure it could be a motherboard issue (not really sure how likely that is though) or from what I’ve been reading that error could be caused by a powersupply with too much power. That just sounds insane to me, so I am writing that one off.

Unfortunately, no searches with ps360+ or my asrock MB come up together anywhere so it seems I am SOL.


I had a lot of issues with the PS360+ on win10 as well. Im not sure if this will resolve your issues, but heres what worked for me:

  1. Use a usb 2.0 hub. My stick wouldnt work through usb 3.0 ports (which is what most new computers have).
  2. Force XB360 mode and it detected / worked fine. If I just plugged it in, it would detect as a PS360+, but would not work for SF5.

Hope this helps.


The USB 2.0 hub isn’t necessary. Yes most newer computers have USB 3.0 ports, but they should still have 2.0 ports as well.
Use a 2.0 port. Also not all USB devices that are compatible with 2.0 ports are 2.0 devices. Some devices are only USB 1.1 which are not compatible with 3.0.

SF5 issue is a problem with SF5 (and how it uses only Xinput) not the stick.


I tried a USB 2.0 hub as well and its the same thing.

One other thing I noticed is on my hitbox, I can switch it to use the Hori FC4 and the pc will recognize it. Obviously it doesn’t work with SFV, but it does see it.
I just want to use my hitbox on PC :frowning:

If I have to I guess I can just order the brooke PCB and see if that works. Just sucks because I have several ps360+ sticks that I won’t be able to use apparently.


My solution was to plug the stick / PCB into my monitor (USB 3), but you already said you tried a powered hub, so I am surprised that you haven’t gotten it to work. Have you tried adjusting the USB power settings in your BIOS and in the Device Manager?


Did both. Still no dice.

This is beyond infuriating.

Just to test I updated the firmware to the newest version on my laptop without any problems. All 3 of my laptops I’ve tested this on had absolutely no problems recognizing the ps360.

On my hitbox I have it modded with a ps360 and a fc4 for ps4 usage. The fc4 has no problems being recognized on my new computer, just when I put it in ps360 mode it screws up. Hopefully sfv will have support for the fc4 when it releases or I’m going to throw these freaking sticks out the window.


Update: Ordered a new powered USB2.0 hub and for some magical reason, it worked. Part of me is happy I finally got it working, part of me is just throwing my hands up screaming WTF.


@“deaded by panda” hey i know you already found a resolution but have you tried the alternate 360 forced mode. its 2P+2K. I had the same error as you with the 2P forced mode but this worked for me. It was part of the 1.65 update:

Ver. 1.65 (Official Release)
Added forced Xbox 360 mode (2P+2K) for people who have a problem using
the PS360+ in Xbox 360 mode on PC/Mac.

One weird thing that its doing for my setup is that in this alternate mode it swapped RT(3K) and LB(4P) - easy fix in the SFV controller settings but its just something to note. Try it out and lemme know if it works for you.


IIRC 2p+2k ALSO activates oldschool xbox support (the one from early 2000’s) … just using 2P activates the xbox360 support iirc.

i noticed this when using this mode on my laptop running linux :slight_smile: