PS360+ availability


Hi, does anyone know why the PS360+ is out of stock everywhere? I remembered Jasen (of Jasens customs) mentioning something about being displeased with a development in the FGC that causes PS360+ to not be available anymore. But I haven’t heard a further explanation. I would appreciate it if anyone knows why and would answer. Sorry if this was covered in a different thread. I tried looking around and searching but couldn’t find anything.



Focus Attack has them.


says they are out of stock


From looking at they still seem to have the PS360+ in stock. As far as them not being anywhere else not sure about that. I’m getting ready to order one myself soon for my TE2.


Dude… it says out of stock.


Says 7 in stock, never ordered from them because their shipping stinks even when you’re Canadian(At least for smaller orders)


Lol, sorry about that, didn’t see it on my phone.


I misread a post


Yea you are right. Sorry about that I could have sworn a few days ago when I looked they had some?


This will sound cold hearted

I am glad the PS360+ is out of stock, too many folks are spoiled and feel too entitled for easy all-in-one PCB solutions


Motha fuckas is thirsty, son. I think the drought will soon be over.


Hmmmmm ok.


I thought I was the only one who noticed this. CandianJoysticks was the only site I found that had them in stock but to pay close to $80+ with shipping is crazy. I guess you gotta wait until tournament season wraps, everyone making those last minute mods…


The PS360+ is $59.99 in the states, I guess you factor in the cost/value in Canadian dollars add shipping and any other fees or tax $80 sounds reasonable.

They can stay thirsty for all I care. Modders lost alot of business to the PS360+.


If you really need it, buy it.


For educational purposes, use something else. Get a 360 stick and use a Cerberus or Toodles board. That’s my suggestion. If you need 360 support you can get it without an Aki board. Support local modders!


Another thought: it would be a good time to be selling Quanba Q4’s.


Does it work if I did a 360 padhack


Seriously? If anything, PS360+ and the MC-Cthulhu made custom sticks more popular. Who wants 3+ PCBs in a stick? The less shit rattling around in there the better. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could have a single stick that could do PS1/2/3/XB360/Dreamcast/PC back in the mid-2000s. I suppose you could argue that modular PCB sticks got really unpopular because of them, but only a very few people built them.


You mean the Cerberus or Cthulu? Yes.