PS360+ causing disconnection from PSN?


I tried to post this question in a different [thread](PS360+ Help but I haven’t had any luck with responses.

Does anyone know why the PS360+ PCB would cause interruptions in the PSN connection? I’m running into this problem specifically with SSF4AE on PS3 during ranked battles on the screen that appears immediately after choosing the stage of battle and before the battle introductions begin. I get the “Lost connection to the Playstation Network” message and it boots me out of the match up, but I can immediately go right back into a lobby as if I never lost connection at all, minus a ton of PP and BP. It doesn’t happen every time, but at least 1 out of 10 on average and infrequently (sometimes multiple times in a row, sometimes not for a good while). I plugged in my old stick with the MC Cthulhu and haven’t had a problem since, so I’m pretty sure it has to be that PS360+ board. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas what I can do to remedy it?



I play with the PS360+ and it works fine so far.


No that’s just PSN, or your PS3’s wi-fi/network parts dying.

Happens to me occasionally with a regular Madcatz TE.


Yeah, I thought it was just PSN as well, but I find it odd that it doesn’t happen nearly as frequently with my old stick. I was hoping that it was an issue with the PS360+ that could be resolved. Everything else works great on both Xbox and PS3, it just seems to make me drop connection on PSN with Street Fighter. :confused:

Edit: @layne843 PS360+ is the PCB I installed in my arcade stick to make it work on both PS3 and XBox360. It works great, minus the connection interruptions.


Your PS360+ isn’t causing your network errors

How is your PS3 connected to the internet?


I’m using an Ethernet cable wired to a CenturyLink Actiontec C1000A wireless router. I’m paying for 50 mbps high-speed internet (though that’s never actually what we get), and I’ve never had a problem before on any other device. I use my PS3 for Netfix and I’ve never dropped connection and everything comes in without lag every single time.

I ran a connection test this morning on the PS3 and my DL speed was 11.7 Mbps, UL speed at 763.2 kbps. What I’ve noticed is that in the past there would be an occasional drop from PSN while playing Street Fighter. But when I use my new stick, it happens MUCH more frequently. I have to run to work right now, but tonight I’ll play an hour with the stick with the Cthulhu and and hour with the PS360+ and record the interuptions. If it’s not tbe PS360+ then it could be something else with that stick.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t updated the firmware or anything since I’ve gotten the new PS360+ about a month ago.


I know, right? It doesn’t make any sense at all, but I can’t figure out why it only happens when I’m playing on that stick. That’s why I posted this here to see if anyone else might have the same issue. I can’t explain it either, man.


Perhaps that’s it? Maybe connecting to someone with different firmware is causing the problem? I thought you HAD to update to go online?


I found out, for internet speeds (or most machines), what is written on paper and what you actually get is two different things.
You can have a car which top speeds “on paper” is 165 mph, you will be struggling to archive 150 and you need a very long and straight road while flooring it the whole time to archive the max speed.
When it comes to internet speeds, you almost never get the top speeds on paper. And this is nothing new, a 56k modem can only achieve 53k.

I would check you connection speeds with a Cthulhu, PS360+ and the Standard Sony Six Axis or Dual Shock 3.
Because unless your PS360+ is throwing off some kind of interference (unlikely as the USB controller chip in the console doesn’t normally impact the Ethernet card), there should be no way a arcade stick or game pad should effect internet speeds. And this is all text book PC repair logic.

The PCB is the “Brains” of your Stick, all that is left electronically are wires and switches. None of the buttons or Joystick should have a impact. Poor wiring would just mean your joystick and buttons don’t work.
Only thing left is the USB cord,


Thanks, I’ll run some tests tonight and report back. I’ll also look into updating the firmware and see if that makes a difference. It all could be coincidence, but it seems really suspect that there is such a difference between using the two sticks.

Also, I don’t know if this makes a difference or not, but I want to reiterate that I would never truly lose connection to the PSN. As soon as I get the message saying I did, I would immediately check by pressing Start and Select together to bring up the home screen and I’m still on as if nothing happened, yet I get booted from the battle right after the stage select screen. I’ve read here on the forum that PS360+ is known to cause lag sometimes on the PS3- could this be a factor in this issue I’m having? If there is a lag while the match-up is being loaded, could it interrupt the connection enough to remove me?


First people are blaming the board for a slowdown on busy ass stages in SF4 (and only in these conditions, mind you), now for PSN difficulties? Come on now.


Yeah I would blame the router, or the cable company before I ever suspect the arcade stick of internet issues.

Hell all it takes is one “chattering” Wifi or Ethernet card in another computer to wreck the whole network. But I never ever heard of a game controller doing this before. According to A+ text books this is not even possible (it is probable not possible).


I’m not assigning blame to anything. I’m just trying to find a solution to my specific issue. And as I’ve stated before, the issue only happens when I use the PS360+ arcade stick. I admit I don’t know enough about these things to assign blame, which is why I’m asking for some help on this. But here are the facts:

-With the MC Cthulhu stick I hardly ever lose connection to the PSN or get dropped from matches- it does happen occasionally, but not very often.

-When I use the stick with the PS360+ I get dropped very frequently from matches. I’m told that I lost connection to the PSN, but I really haven’t because I’m always still online.

All other conditions are the same.

It may not make sense, but that’s what is happening. Like I said before, I’ll run some more tests tonight to gather a little more data and hopefully someone can help me resolve this issue, whatever it is.


How about don’t use your PS360+ stick on PS3 anymore since you have another one that works perfectly fine. Just use it with your Xbox 360 or PC.

I’m an IT guy and I personally think it’s either your router or something is wrong with the PS3 itself.


OK, so I figured out exactly what the problem was. When I said all other conditions are the same between using the Cthulhu and the PS360+ I didn’t realize there was another factor: my girlfriend happened to be streaming Netflix when I was trying out my new PS360 mod and the extra traffic on my internet I guess caused me to drop connection. I’m going straight in with an ethernet cable to a wireless router, but she was streaming wifi.
I hadn’t posted anything here in a while because the problem went away. It wasn’t until a couple months later after I hadn’t really had the issue when it started happening again… right at the same time she sat down on the couch with her laptop while I was battling. And I started dropping matches again. When she got off Netflix, everything was working fine. So… I assume that too much traffic on my network causes me to lag and drop out, and it was coincidental that she was Netflixing when I used the new PS360+.

TLDR: I’m dumb. Please go ahead and delete this thread.


No, we won’t delete this thread. Next time somebody complains about this very problem, we’ll ask him to come here.

The PS360+ is reputed to have a number of flaws but we definitely want to know where’s the reality and where’s the fantasy.