Ps360+ d/c'ing in dual mod with brooks ps3/ps4 fightboard


Hi, so i’ve encountered a certain issue while dual modding a couple of sticks. when being played using the ps360+, the pcb will disconnect after a little while (approx. 5-7 mins?) to which it either remedies itself or having to replug the stick to fix. This only happens while using the ps360+, the brooks ps3/4 fight board works flawlessly.

The pcb’s are connected via soldering to eachother via the ps360+ ribbon pinout space provided. the usb gnd and vcc to the brooks is linked in that area. while the usb solder point on the ps360+ directly uses the usb’s gnd and vcc. the data + and - of each pcb and usb cable is running through a DPDT switch that is properly isolating the 2 pcbs. I’ll have to take a closer inspection incase the solder on the ps360+'s gnd and vcc need to be tweaked but they shouldn’t be an issue.

I’d like to troubleshoot this issue soon though i want to take my time to properly remedy this since it’s not as important.

if anyone who’s also done this mod and have had this issue arise what did you manage to find that caused this?

  1. You haven’t said on which console/platform this disconnection issue is happening on;
  2. Take some clear pictures of the wiring/setup; a picture says a thousand words.


Its happening mainly on 360 since we dont usually play on ps3 but ill assume it happens on it would have to test.

I’ll post some pics of the internals when I get home from work


this was the best i could grab since i had to rush out for another matter, also please forgive as was the 1st time using the brooks for the mod lol