PS360+ Defaults to Xbox360 mode on PC reboot - help?

So I finally got my control panel built with the PS360+ cards. Everything was fine until I rebooted.

Windows 7 64bit OS. On reboot the PS360+ cards set themselves to Xbox 360 mode (which puts two of the buttons into a combined axis - completely useless). The fix is to unplug the USB cable, hold P1 button, plug back in and they set to PS3/PC mode, and everything is fine.

Everything I’ve read says they’re supposed to work the opposite - PS3 is the default mode, and you have to force it into XBox 360 mode. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest (v1.66).

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?


That’s just how it works on boot. Plug it in after the pc is on, you should not need to hold 1p.

Not very convenient in an arcade (MAME) cabinet. :frowning:

you could set up some switches with the 5v lines of the pcbs. cut the power before you boot up the cabinet and switch it on when you are in game.

Hmm… that’s probably the best solution to the problem at this time.

I wonder if its a windows problem, or a firmware problem.

I contacted Akishop support directly, and was given a new firmware HEX file to load onto the devices. Resolved the issue.

Amazing customer support!

@fursphere would you mind sharing that firmware if i direct message you my email? I have a pc setup that it will be handy for…

I’ve reached out to Akishop to obtain approval before distributing anything provided. I’ll let you know.

any luck man? please share the firmware if you can. i reached out to them directly as well but no response… how did you get in contact with them…

Hi guys, pardon me for pushing up this old topic.

Having the exact same problem for a mame cab. Also using their most recent 1.66. Possible to share a suitable firmware to overcome this?

Would like to have it default to ps360 mode instead of 360 controller upon every boot up.

I actually went back to using the XBox 360 firmware. Why?

PS3 Mode = DirectInput = not Compatbile with newer Windows Games.

XBox 360 mode = XInput = Compatible with newer Windows Games. (the whole reason I bought the PS360+s in the first place was XInput encoding)