PS360+ error in forced xbox360 mode on pc

For some reason it’s saying USB device not recognized when trying to use xbox 360 forced mode. default mode when plugged into pc works fine. I have 4 other PS360+s and they are all running 1.3 firmware and all work fine in forced xbox mode. Weird thing is it works on my GFs computer in xbox mode. Anyone have any ideas?

Windows 8 64bit.

Tried updating windows and drivers and that didn’t fix anything. I did however use a usb connector and it worked fine. I think something was wrong with the cable I spliced. I will test out a new usb to rj45 when i get one.

thanks for the help ^Kappa =)

That is what I am putting my money on.

FYI it was a bad cable. Why it worked with Windows 7 and not 8 I have no idea. I got a new cable and tried both USB and rj45 and both worked like a charm on Win8.

So weird.