PS360 Halp me


Well i wired everything up and she worked great
decided to actualy do a proper wiring job and clean up the wiring
put everything together except the round for the 6 buttons
i look and it seems like i can get any wire into this hole it kind of seems bent…in a way
idk how that couldve happened i unscrewed all the way before proceeding to take out
any suggestions on how to snap things back in place … will try and get a good pic up on here for you guys in the meanwhile anybody had this problem any suggestions ?

Yeah looking at it again the little metal peice that covers the top of the hole is definitely bent upwards


Yes Pictures would help alot.

With out seeing how the screw terminal is bent, I can’t make any suggestions.

I would say bend it back, but I do not know how its bent and how bad is it.


Resolved went bold and took a hairpin to bend it back
not a clue on how it got this way to begin with…
but thanks
sorry for making this thread i was just in a panic you could say =[


No that is cool, at least everything worked out in the end.