PS360+ help and questions!

Hey guys, long time since I posted here. I got a thought for you all:

So I recently received my custom arcade stick, well made and I love it. Problem is, there was one thing about the stick I didn’t realize. The builder put in two buttons on the side for home and start, but home is also the back button. My last custom stick I had both back and start, and pressed them together to activate the home button.

This is a pet peeve of mine as I prefer to have all my buttons at my ready, and for whatever reason it didn’t cross my mind when I purchased the build (It’s a conversion from a build he didn’t sell. Basically he just switched out the artwork for me and got the colors I wanted on washer/buttons and I got a custom balltop) to check the start/back/home.

I’m wondering if it’s possible, I can take this to a builder/modder, and he can change this? Preferably the way my old stick was—back button, start button, and press both for home. Otherwise, I have to punch in a new hole and simply wire a third button??

I just want to know if this is possible, then if it is, I guess hunt someone down and pay for the service…thanks SRK!

You can just open it up and move the wire that’s going to the home/guide terminal screw over to select. The PS360+ will by default be set to allow start+select so no additional work.

It will by default allow start + select to work as the home button?

Thanks so much!! Now I need to check out the board pdf since I haven’t actually worked with one myself yet.

I don’t think you’ll need it, since the input names are on the PCB, but it might be handy to have the software PDF as a reference for the software’s features.

I used the PDF, I didn’t look hard enough at the PCB it might have been there ha ha. Either way I did remove the wire running to the home button, and it worked like a charm!!! Thanks guys!!!

EDIT: Wow, they are labeled right there plain as day, I guess that would have made it slightly faster, lol.

Hey guys. Having a slight issue with the PS360+, and I’m having trouble finding the akihabara thread where this sort of stuff should go. Basically, I’m having trouble with the board working on certain Xboxs and laptops. Sometimes it installs drivers correctly and works, other times it can’t seem to find the proper drivers on certain laptops and certain xboxs simply will not recognize it even if I do forced mode. Any ideas?

And I couldn’t find any kind of akihabara shop thread that this stuff should go to. Please link me if you guys know a better place to place these posts.