PS360+ Help: How to re-map buttons?

Hello SRK. I need some help here.
I’m running a PS360+ through a hori VLX PCB. I just got the PS360+ PCB and it is new to me. I have not been able to find any detailed step by step on the internet anywhere on how to re-map buttons. Even the official Aki-Customs page is vague to me. If anyone would be willing to help walk me through this, I would be very grateful!

To my knowledge, the PS360+ does not have a mode for remapping buttons.
the closest to configuration like that it has is to switch the stick between LS/DP/RS.

The PS360+ is a complete replacement PCB. Shouldn’t be hooking it up to another PCB at all.

For button mapping it is as simple as connecting the signal wire for the button to the input you want it to represent on the PS360+ board.

Like what blackraen Said you shouldn’t need the Hori VLX PCB at all. Maybe to tap into buttons that might be on the Hori PCB, thats it.
As for Remaping, just swap where your signal wires go