PS360+ Help tekken tag's practice mode can't playback recordings **SOLVED**


Don’t know if anyone else had this problem but its annoying the hell out of me, so i just built my korean stick with a ps360+ (xbox360) and everything else works like a charm all buttons working i have a 6 button layout so not using the RB/LB on the board and the pcb has been updated to ver 1.3 the problem i have is with the back button. When i want to do some defensive training in practice i can’t play back my recordings for some reason the input for that is back+b but when i do that nothing happens? the thing is i can start the recording with the back button so i know that button is fine its just when i want to playback anything with back+b or back+a nothing happens?


Check your select/back button wiring.


thats the first thing i checked darksakul my wiring is all fine, as i said the back button works fine on its own i can toggle LS/RS/DP with it which is back+p1,p2,p3 also works when starting a record it’s just when i want to play back the recording (back+b , back+a) it does nothing so surely not my wiring? i’ll double check it anyway i also changed my LT,RT to RB,LB as im using 6 buttons but still the same


Does anyone else have the same problem?

I don’t have a copy of the game, any console, or tv to test it on. Ever.

: /


UPDATE i think i have solved this issue now, i rolled back the current 1.3 firmware to 1.1 and its functioning as it should now, bug in the current 1.3 firmware maybe? i don’t know, thanks for the advise though people.


thnx for sharing the solution, i have the same problems too, may be there is a bug in 1.3
downgrade to 1.2 the problems still exist
downgrade to 1.1 problem solved :slight_smile: