PS360+ help!



First post on SRK.

I’m having issues with two PS360+ not recognizing my xbox 360. Tried to find an answer on google and searched the forums, but nothing. Figure I create an account and post a new message hopefully find a solution.

[SIZE=4]So I wired up two custom sticks with the PS360+. The PS3 seems to work, at first it would say “unrecognized usb device detected” but after a while it seems to work. Sometimes I have to unplug the usb and back again for it to function properly though, odd.[/SIZE]

My computer (Mac) seems to recognize the controller just fine under “xbox 360 mode”, all directions and buttons show up working. Although I haven’t tried it on any games as I don’t have any on it.

The issue is with my xbox 360, it just doesn’t work, and don’t know why. I can turn it on if I press and hold the guide button, but after the console is on it doesn’t detect it at all. All wiring is through the screw terminals and everything is hooked up correctly. I don’t know how to check which firmware it has, assuming V.1.00, but still lost on what to do. I have a slim xbox 360 if that makes a difference.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


While I am not at all likely to be the one who actually resolves your issues I will say that when posting such problems images of your wiring are very helpful in diagnosing potential problems.


No problem, uploaded a pic to Flickr, hope it works.


Update: After an all-nighter of disconnecting cables and running firmware updates, I figured it out. The usb extension cables were messed up. Don’t know if they’re bad or if 15 ft of cable is too long.

Is there a limit on length for usb cables on consoles?


USB cables can only go for around 16ft before the signal starts to degrade


Also depends on the quality of the cable. Sadly there are many unworthy types floating around, and Hori seem to like using them :frowning:


Probably a combination of both the quality and distance, but 15 feet is hella long for a USB cable when it comes to full speed USB devices. If you can help it, keep it at 10 feet or under.