PS360+ hori modded stick not recognized in PC


Hey all,

I’ve recently upgraded to a new computer, and suddenly my dual-modded stick is not recognized by the PC.
I get a message that “USB Device not recognized” when I plug it to the USB port.

The stick works perfectly fine on my 360 and PS3.

I tried to find a downloadable driver or something but I couldn’t find anything.

I have to add that my Qanba and another HRAP3 that is not modded works fine.

HELP :frowning:

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Try to force PS3 mode on it by holding 1P when plugging it in. If that fails try to install 360 controller drivers and force boot in in 360 mode with 2p.


Try to update the board to the latest firmware version, as it solves a lot of these small problems.

You can also try what the above-poster said, and try forcing the stick to read on either PS3 or Xbox mode. Hold 1p (button in top-left corner) while plugging it in to force it to ps3 mode, or alternatively, hold 2p (the button to the right of 1p) while plugging it in to force it into Xbox mode.


Are you guys referring to 1p/2p as the jab and medium punch buttons? Or is it the start /select buttons?


Most likely Jab and Strong. Holding Start on a PS360+ PCB will put it in bootloader mode.


Why do we have 3 active PS360+ Thread with very similar issues?


Try connecting it to the other USB port. If that does not work, try USB 3.0 port. Some PCB’s tend to work only on those ports.


Yes. I refer to it as 1p and 2p because not everyone uses the ‘jab’ on the staggered layout. Some guys prefer the straight layout, which makes jab on the 2p button. Confusing, I know. Blame the lack of standardized button terminology.

Because nobody ever, ever, checks other threads or uses the search function.


Sorry for bringing up a dead topic, but i’m having this problem with my new computer and it’s really irritating acuse it works on all my other computers