Ps360+: how to check drivers? How to update them (tutorial is a bit complicated, got questions)?


Hi everyone.

I’m mounting one of these in my best friend’s joystick (it’ll be his Xmas present!) and I was wondering, is there a way to check what firmware version is installed on the board?

When I plug it in my PC through USB it says “PS360+ v.1.2”, does that mean that it’s on 1.2 firmware (Xbox 1 support is a priority so I guess I’d have to update to get that working)?

Also, I’ve been reading the firmware updating tutorial but there’s something that isn’t completely clear to me (I’m a bit dumb when it comes to this kinda stuff and also english isn’t my 1st language), at some point it mentions a hex file that you’ve got to load…where’s this hex file?

Is it referring to one of these (very likely, wouldn’t make sense otherwise):

If so, how do you download them? If I click on them my browser just opens up a page full of numbers named, like this:

Thanks in advance for your kind help from a fellow arcade stick enthusiast.


See, is the location of the firmware update
the .hex files is the complied file of all the programming for the firmware.

What you some how managed to do is instead of downloading you open the file in your web browser and viewed it as a text document
All those numbers, yeah that is the programming for your firmware update

What you need to do is instead of just clicking the file, right click and choose save as.


Did they put out new firmware? Is this confirmed working on xbox one?


Xbox 1, not Xbox One.


not sure what I’m missing here but on both Firefox (left) and Google Chrome (right) I’m never given the option to save a file:

If I click on “save image” it just saves the icon, whereas if I hover with the pointer on the name of the firmware it does nothing (right click gives a “save page” option).

this is puzzling to say the least…any other way to download the latest firmware with Xbox first generation support besides their official home page?


“Save Link As” is right there, silly.


bah, nevermind, the “save link as” did the trick, how counter-intuitive haha ^^;.

how about this though:


Don’t worry about it saying 1.2. It’s actually 1.31.


NO. And do not expect to see anything develop for a long time either.
It was Years before enough of the Xbox 360’s security protocols was reversed engineered so the original PS360 was made.
It was a long while after that before we saw the PS360+

Xbox 1 as in the original Xbox that competed against the PS2 and Game Cube.
No Aftermarket PCB currently supports the Xbone yet, don’t hold your breath.


I have the ps360+ chip installed on my madcatz te-s ps3 stick. Everything was working fine, but i kept feeling like i was getting dropped inputs. After researching I’ve found the lastest firmware update could solve this problem. I followed thorough details on updating the firmware but at the very end after setting up the hex codes and hitting the run button on the atmel program I get a error that says cannot read usb" and now the stick wont auto detect or detect xbox or ps3 at all. HELP PLEASE


Have you tried using force mode when plugging into the system?


yeah unforutnately nothing happens, I think i’ve wiped all the code off the chip when it errored by updating it, It recognizes the ps360 chip itself because its tied to the pluggins from the atmel application, but the ps3 side and the xbox side is not picking up. This chip is less than 6 months old and its my first time trying to update the firmware. I need help…


Are you holding start when plugging into your PC, do the LED’s cycle?