PS360+ In a Sega Saturn Style Controller


I’ve been playing fighting games for a long time, but I’m a padder. I have an arcade stick too, I just didn’t have enough arcade experience to get the hang of using it, so it isn’t the best option for me personally. If I was still maining Juri in Ultra Street Fighter IV, that’d be good motivation to practice more on my stick, but I’ve developed a fairly decent Poison. Anyway, lately I’ve been using the MadCatz Street Fighter X Tekken FightPad. I have a 360 one and a PS3 one, but the PS3 one’s in storage and my 360 one’s falling apart. So I’ve been looking at other options and I’ve thought about buying a USB Sega Saturn style controller for the six button layout, which is an absolute must for me, and I remember playing Mortal Kombat 1 on my cousin’s Sega Genesis back in the day, so I really want to go with that. But ultimately, I want to be able to play in tournaments someday, so I’m curious as to whether or not you can mod one of those pads (even if I have to buy a real Sega Saturn controller and do a little more work to swap out the original input with a USB input, but I’d rather just use a USB one to save me some trouble) with a PS360+ PCB. Before I start buying anything, does anyone around here know if that might work?


The PS360 is pretty fucking big bro, no way is it ever going to fit into a pad.

Look into Project Boxes if you’re serious about using a real Sega Saturn controller

I think everyone is better off just buying a PSone Hori Fighting Commander and using converters like the InPin for PS3/PC and etokki for 360


Yeah, I’ve been looking at the dimensions and talking about it with a friend of mine who does a lot of modding and workshop kinda stuff and we’ve both kinda come to that conclusion. Thanks for your input, I’ll check that out.

Edit: Another thing I was thinking about before I thought about modding a controller was just using a PC USB gamepad based off the Sega Saturn controller, which I have been able to find pretty easily and using a universal converter such as this one:


I have that Hori Fighting Commander 2Way, the d-pad is nowhere near as good as the Saturn’s, it hurts my thumb after a while.

This one here is a lil better


How does the d-pad on that one compare to the Sega Saturn?


The d-pad seems a lot stiffer, but it might have something to do with my controller being fairly new, wearing it out might help it, I know a lot of people that praised the Dreamcast version. If you’re looking for something cheaper than the Sega Playstation 2 Pad, try the Neo Geo PS2 pad.

You can check out my Pad collection here


My favorite d-pad is the PSX style d-pad with basically those four buttons. They seem to be the most precise thing I’ve used, unless it’s just because I have the most experience with those. But I’ve gotten tired of the four button (not referring to the d-pad here, just the A, B, X, Y, Square, Triangle, Circle, X thing) layout. That’s just not cutting it for me anymore. I’ve played a little Power Stone with my cousin a long time ago, but I don’t quite remember what was so special about the Dreamcast controller. Largely 'cuz I’ve only played Dreamcast a tiny bit. I think I played on it a little when my friend was going to school at Cal Poly and dragged me along a few times. I remembered playing Capcom VS SNK 2 there one day. I wish I’d been a little more involved in the scene there at the time, but it was kind of a one time thing. But another thing I’m tired of is those d-pads on a stick. My 360 SFXT FightPad’s down arrow has started sticking on me. MadCatz still makes bad gamepads, but at least they make good arcade sticks these days.


Oh, I didn’t mean the Official Dreamcast controller, but this


That looks promising.

Edit: On a side note, a lot of the things from your collection that interest me are so rare, I can’t even find them on Google shopping. Including that last one you showed.