Ps360+ in HORI soul calibur 5 stick

what would be the best solution to make the ps360+ pcb stay in place real tightly inside a HORI SCV stick?
the screw hole placement of ps360+ are in different position with SCV’s drill holes.
i thought about using velcro, but since i might take my stick to different places i know the velcro will sooner or later slip off. so any suggestions?

double sided tape works for me, you can also bubble wrap it to add extra cushion so it doesn’t flap around inside the stick. not exactly clean but it should work. otherwise, you can make custon ‘mounting plates’ using plastic/plexi/wood/etc. if you wanna match the hori’s mounting holes with your ps360+

what kind of double sided tape did you use?
and if it doesn’t work for me, i think might go with the plexi or plastic. where would i get for plastic/plexi and the type/size of screws for them?

3M, Scotch, any kind of those foam double sided tape…
as for the plexi thing, you’d have to cut one yourself, and drill holes yourself…

the best example i can give you is FreedomGundam’s exaprize mod

more examples here EXAR Exaprize USB Stick Sanwa Edition for PlayStation 3

similar concept to what i was trying to say, im sure there’s a LOT of room in a hori SCV, that stick is huge, you should have no problems fitting pcbs in those.

Thanks you very much hibachifinal!