Ps360+ inconsistent triple/double buttons input


I just found it last night when playing ssf4ae2012. During practice i try to do series of lp+mp+hp or lk+mk+hk and sometimes i got hp ot hp+mp between it. But using TE madcatz i can do perfect series of that. My friend also experience the same thing, and he remove the ps360+ mod and back using original TE board since then.
Anyone experience like this? Hope akishop can solved it at next firmware


Fyi we use ps3. Ps360+ 1.31 firmware (the newest firmware). But i try it on x360 last night and still get inconsistent triple buttons input


I have the same exact problem and I don’t know if we just got defective boards or it’s just how the PCB is. I can’t plink on my Ps360+ Consistently or do what you said.