Ps360+ installation for ps3 mcz te


hi was wondering if any experienced modders knew the easy way to install the ps360+ into a ps3 mcz te fightstick because unlike the 360 version the pcb is connected to the bottom of the home/turbo piece, i would like to keep my home/ turbo intact but seems like theres no other way to do this besides soldering…?


if you want to keep those functions then yes, you need to solder. However, PS360+ does have start+select= Home functionality, and there’s no turbo anyways as I recall on the Ps360+


yes…I recently modded another forum members madkatz SE stick with the original ps360 pcb. Hope it helps:

Upon opening the stick, 2 things struck me:

  1. A magnet to shield thin wires. Presumably to negate the need to twist the wires in a spiral to improve conductance or something like that.

  1. Individual activation and ground terminals for each action buttons…nice, avoiding daisy chaining sits fine with me.

As you can see here the joystick harness is MadKatz own…SNIP

And also the buttons output with a common ground wire…SNIP SNIP

[LEFT]I removed the home, turbo, etc pcb to solder 2 sets of wire so the home and turbo button can still be accessed. Since I will be taking out the original Wii pcb out of the equation, it will be treated just like 2 switches.[/LEFT]

Next I found the sweet spot to install the pcb. The 2 bottom legs matched the screw holes for the PS360 and it holds it well.

Finally I rigged all the switches as indicated on the PS360 pcb and ran a full input/output test using my voltmeter (set on continuity test) and luckily no further adjustment was needed on the terminals.


thanks you two will the home button work if i use that connect power to it but dont connect turbo?


how did you connect turbo to the ps360+… i think youre talking about the ps360


You’ll need to have power going to the PS3 board (VCC/5+ line), one ground and the Guide button obv. Rugdoctor was using the older model that turbo, but the solder points are the same for the PS3 PCB. if you look around, you’ll find alternate solder points that are easier to access.

good luck