PS360+ into PS3 MadCatz SFXT Pro



I have been messing with my PS360+ for about a week and have had some slight troubles. I have watched all the install videos, it just seems they are for TEs and 360.

First, I can’t find a good guide on what the grey wires (in the button boards stem off to) so I have been plugging in and out with some success. At least until I took them all out yesterday. I would be content if I could find a guide that starts with the left to right designations for the wires.

Another strange thing I encountered was when I hit all three punch or kick buttons, the stick would lock up. I am guessing this is a grounding issue but not sure.

Lastly, space is tight in the stick, does anyone have suggestions (I have a dremel) on where I could put the pcb?



Painfully figured this all out.

Put the button wires directly into PS360+. Left the grounding row intact. One grounding wire was all that was needed.

The all three punch buttons freeze was due to the Start + Select grounding not being placed well enough.

Lastly, i cut a rectangle into the lower part of the case.


For mounting, I like these ( ), or these ( ).