PS360+ issue need help or suggestions


Hey everyone,
My PS360+ stick (old giantsword) just quit working today. It was working fine last time I used it a couple of weeks ago. I plugged it into my computer today and it does not register. The light on the board flashes once then turns off. I’m not experienced at all with boards or technically inclined. Is it dead? Should I trash the stick and get a new one? Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips? Thanks!


The light flash is normal. The board does it all the time whenever it receives power, at least in my experience. Have you tried it on any of the consoles it works on? Could just be an issue with your PC; the PS360 is pretty picky about USB ports


Try a shorter USB Cable.



Looks like it’s getting power but no data since the light is going off. How is the USB setup? The ps360+ has 2 options for USB. Directly through the A to B jack and then an option to solder a cable. Does it have a USB pass through like a Neutrik? Could be any one of those connections. Snap some pics if your not sure.