PS360+ Issues (PS2,XBOX360) and store problem


Hello everyone.

I open this topic for help on a problem I have with the famous PS360 +
The problem I have is that apparently only works on PS3 and PC mode, however I have mounted a little differently.

I do not use the classic Neutrik RJ45 adapter, I made my own cables connecting an Ethernet cable into the PS360 + and soldering the other end of the cable to a DB9 female adapter.

The other cables I made the same way, by soldering one side of the cable to DB9 male adapter and the other side straight to the console.

The first thing I did was try my USB connection on both the PS3 and PC.
It worked flawlessly!

Then I wanted to play classic games with my new PCB, and this is where the problems come.

I made a cable to play on the PS2 FAT (NTSC/J) , and it does not work, does not work any input from the joystick and the buttons. So far, it appears that an error can be a bad soldering cable, but it is not, check it twice using the multimeter, and found no problem between pins of cable.

I have limited access to the XBOX 360 console, am a KOF player so regularly play on PS3 so I don’t own a XBOX360, however , I have a friends whit xbox360.

Just yesterday, I went to play at a friend’s house having XBOX360, and use the same cable to connect the PS360 + to PS3 console, try connecting the XBOX360, the result was bad.

The console apparently recognizes the PS360 + as a controller (the LED on the XBOX360 is turned on) but I can not make any movement with the joystick or button, if I disconnect the cable, XBOX360 sends the message of reconnecting the control (of course try to force XBOX360 pressing the 2P button.)

After all these problems I decided to use a USB B cable and connect directly to the console, as in all good on PS3, XBOX360 no input works.

I decided to try on the PC using the USB cable, it works well on PC mode, try forcing XBOX360 mode on the PC and spends hours trying to find the driver, and in the hardware management shows me a unknow device(Windows 7)

I honestly think the problem is the PCB could give me some tip to prove to be defective? The store where I buy attributes the problem to my custom cable …

I dont know what to do….


EDITED i attach a Image of my USB cable to be more clear.