PS360+ Joystick Problems

So, I just finished installing the PS360+ and I successfully updated the firmware. When I went to test it out all of the buttons worked correctly, but I have some problems with the joystick.

Left reads as up and the other directions don’t even register. Weird thing is the diagonal up-left also works according to windows.

Do you think my JLF harness might be to blame?

Check if your harness isn’t on backwards.

Thanks for the response, but I just got it up and running… Apparently the Sanwa harness I bought is actually a Seimitsu, so I had the colors all wrong.

Finally! Feels good to have a dual mod :slight_smile:

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Glad you got your stick working.

Yeah the Seimitsu harness except for the coloring is identical to the Sanwa harness and can be used interchangeably.


I started to have some issues with my USB cord in my hitbox

I need to replace it. But as I open hitbox and look inside, I see, that there is a lot of glue on that USB connector slot.

How can i safely remove glue to replace USB-cord?
I need some manual, need some help!

Best regards

Thanks for the info, Darksakul. I appreciate all your contributions. I’ve learned a lot from your posts in the past.

Do you have any Articlean? I’ve used it for YLOD repairs and I bet it would work fine on glue.