PS360+ Lag?


Hey Guys

Any lag tests ever run on this PCB? Very curious how it compares in this department to a MC Cthulhu / Imp / 360 pcb combo.



I was just wondering the same thing. I’m looking to get either the PS360+ or the MC Cthulhu. I know all the major differences between the two but how do they perform compared to each other?


obviously this isnt proof but i have had 4 or 5 360+s and never had any problems. you can’t go wrong either way but i like the ps360+s. toodles is a genius tho so i support anything he makes. hope this helps


I ran informal tests a few months ago with an LED and high speed camera, and came to the conclusion that they lag a frame versus Hori PCBs. not sure how they compare to Cthulhu. the test wasn’t something I wanted to make a thread about here, but was enough for my satisfaction.


I have tested both Cthulhu and PS360+ I ended up going with PS360+ because it supports XInput and Direct Input, Cthulhu only support Direct Input but to me Cthulhu was faster (less lag) but wasn’t that much compared with PS360+ so basically is not noticeable.


Too bad the PS360+ doesn’t support Saturn yet. I have some great imported fighting games for Saturn. So I’ll probably go with the Cthulhu unless PS360+ gets Saturn and GC/Wii support before then. Unless it already does and I just haven’t found out yet. lol
Thank you for the info guys!! :smiley:


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