PS360+ on Windows XP Control Panel

I’m wondering if it’s a normal behaviour, the pictures explains all. Besides, there are differences…the buttons are mapped differently for each one and MAME along with other emulators has the buttons config messed up including select / start.

Well one is the PS360+ (PS3 mode) and the other is a Xbox 360 PCB (Xbox 360 mode).

Any Every Xbox 360 PCB does not include the Home/Guide button, and they treat the LT and RT as a part of a Axis instead of being two buttons (even on sticks with non analog trigger buttons).

Don’t run your PS360+ in Xbox 360 mode

Thanks, Dark!

I’ll ask you here because i’m not at home for now, is possible to change to PS3 mode by force mode on Windows? Otherwise i have to push back the pc table always, cause i use the back usb device…like i explain in the pictures it only recognize as PS360+ if i plug the controller after OP system boot.

Hold down whatever button you have mapped to 1P of the PS360+ to force PS3/PC mode when you’re plugging it in.
(2P is 360 force mode)

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