PS360 PCB problem help!

I’m fairly good with modding myself, as I have modded quite a few arcade sticks in my local area but have run into an issue with my personal arcade stick that I can’t seem to figure out. I’m using a PS360 PCB and it’s been working wonderfully for me for over a year now but suddenly the Home Button seems to be always active.

When I connect it to a PC via PS3 mode, it displays the 13th button (Home) always active. However occasionally when pressing directions or other buttons the Home Button will turn on or off. I also noticed that when holding down the physical Home Button and pressing other buttons or directions on the joystick that the Home Button remains in an inactive state. I checked my wiring and it all looks fine. I even took out the Home Button’s wire and oddly enough it still treats it as if the Home Button is being held down.

That’s all the info I can think of right now, please help.

There are reports of the PS360 failing, I’m not sure what the typical failure modes are.

The simplest possibility is that you’ve got a short from home to ground somewhere. If it’s easy, I’d suggest you try unmounting the PS360, checking the bottom, and seeing if ‘home’ is still showing as pressed when the board is not mounted in the stick.

I suppose another thing to check is to see if the pull-up resistor has gone bad or failed. If you disconnect the button from the ‘home’ line, and hook the 5v line to it instead, does it still show the button as pushed?

Same thing happened to me. Tried the pull up resistor thing and still didn’t work. Sending it back to focusattack for a $40 credit.

Alright, I tried the same…its a no go. Gonna see if I can get the same credit.

Anyone have any luck sending it back to Akishop? Focusattack told me they don’t accept returns anymore for the PS360 PCB.