PS360 PCB Problem


When I plug the board into my PC it loads it up as a X360 controller just fine. However when I check the controller properties in Windows, it shows one of the buttons and the down direction on the stick always on, even when I don’t have them wired into the PCB. How might I fix this.


Have you tried it on PS3 or 360? Wire it up and test first.


Just tried it on a 360 and yes the problem still happens on there too. It was working just fine on my comp at one point yesterday.


Any chance its bad wiring ? or a ground wire came loose and is touching stuff ?
-also maybe the turbo button is part of your troubles ?


Actually I tested the board with a multimeter and unless I’m reading it wrong, both the button and the down direction slot tested 0.0 which I think means it shorted out :shake:. Does this mean then I’ll have to buy another PCB or is there some way to fix that.


Send me a PM and I´ll help you, no problem don´t worry ;).


Means there is a short with ground, however, this just causes the button to be held down. The PCB expects it to be 0v sometimes, but when it’s all the time, this sort of thing happens. But Per’s gotcha. He’ll take care of you!


PM sent.


Reply sent.


I have the same problem is there a quick fix. Also is it fine leaving it as?? it’s the L2/LT which I do not even use or can it cause bigger problems


If you don´t need it then don´t use the L2/LT, but you can change it by sending it back for a new one if you want.
Just contact the seller.


i am a same problem :frowning:


i have a same problem


I have encountered an issue with the PS360 with the directionals on the PCB.
Seem that all of mine are reversed when checking in windows for XBOX mode.

On a PC, PS3 / PC mode. the directions correspond correctly.
Up = Up
Down = Down
Right = Right
Left = Left

On PC (Windows 7 & Vista) in XBOX mode
Up = Down
Down = Up
Right = Left
Left = Right

i am stumped. is there any firmware flash i can update?


Jesus, I’ve just ordered one of these - are they that hard to set up or faulty? it didn’t seem so hard in:


No firmware has been “officially” released yet, and no mention of how to update it either. But it can apparently be done…



Epic megabump
i have currently a ps360 stuck in UP direction… and when even when not plugged in the multimeter registers that the up direction is grounded.

Help? Thanks :frowning:


You got a short somewhere.
Did you ever do some soldering with that board?



Hasn´t anyone really faced a faulty paewang/ps360 ever? :c


Try this: