** PS360 PCBs at focusattack.com **


Guys, I will have #PS360 PCBs from Akihabarashop.jp @ focusattack.com for $44.75.

Before you ask why is the price higher than Akishop’s, I already asked if their preorder price of $35 USD will go up afterwards and they said yes. Their price also doesn’t include the $15 ship fee. US orders for this item will ship FREE. If you missed out on Akihabarashop.jp’s preorder and want one, let me know. I’ll set up preorders on focusattack.com.

Wow - no one wants to order a PS360 PCB? :frowning:

I think everyone who wants one right now probably already pre-ordered them lol. One guy on my AIM list said he pre-ordered 8 of them…

Where do we pre-order it? I don’t see it on your website.

It will be added to Focus Attack soon I expect.
And yea, most of us who wanted them, pre-ordered, free shipping if you add one more to your order ? no brainer.

Please let us know when they’re up on FocusAttack.com. Thanks.

I’m definitely interested in ordering one soon. I’ll keep my eye on it.

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t know that Akishop posted a buy 1 more get free shipping offer, so I now understand why so many already picked up.

That said, I’ll have a pre-order listing up Friday night for anyone still interested. Thanks!

you carrying this pcb in the future Im positive you will get orders once the product is out in the community. the two week waiting is a turn off when ordering overseas for most. good luck with your sales!

Didnt know these were possible. i may need to get one down the line.

Good to know - things should work out with Akishop…more sales for them means better prices for us down the line. Sorry the preorder page isn’t up just yet. Working on that right now.

Akishop PS360 PCB is now available for preorder!

Akishop PS360 Tri Mod Joystick PCB PREORDER

PS360 PCBs are almost gone!

Just wanted to let you know that just 3 Akishop PS360 PCBs are left for preorder! Nearly 30 units have been claimed – if you missed out on the original Akishop pre-order, now if the time to get one!

Akishop PS360 Tri Mod Joystick PCB Preorder (2nd Wave)

If you want to know when Focusattack.com will restock shipments of the PS360 PCB, follow us on Twitter @focusattack or Facebook.


Already preordered from AkihabaraShop, but good to know that it’s available in the US from Focus Attack! I will definitely consider you guys when I need more.

Yup - in fact, all the preorders at my store sold out today. :smiley: Will be getting another 30 units soon.

crap. wish i’d found this thread on friday. i’m going to order at least one, possibly three if my coworker wants in.

how soon do you think you’ll have more in stock?

Someone canceled, so there is at least one left. The link will say that all are sold out, but you can add 1 to the cart. I’m working with Akishop to get more by early January if possible.


awesome. i completed my order through paypal, but after i hit ‘submit’ i was brought back to the ‘express checkout’ page on the focus attack website. not really sure why, since all my billing and shipping info is in paypal. do i have to fill out this whole express checkout thing as well as paypal? i just don’t want to get charged twice.

also, in the express checkout page the shipping options are $5.45 and $16.40. no option for free shipping.

Any chance you’d offer free ship to Canada too?

You might want to register first if you haven’t yet. I’m not entirely sure what is happening there - we receive lots of Paypal-based orders.