PS360+ Presale


Boards are scheduled to arrive in October so we are going to open up for orders!
There are a limited number of these boards being done so don’t wait too long!



Ooh, very nice. Doubly glad I get to make the purchase at paradise arcade too! Paycheck…must… deposit…soon!


I was talking to a friend who’s a stick builder the other day and he said “Why don’t you offer bulk discounts”, I didn’t have an answer so to make things more interesting… buy 5 or more and get 5% off, buy 10 or more and get 10% off!


Heyo just placed an order for one of these! The order said it was complete, but it also said there was a payment error, so I wanted to make sure that all was ok. I made the payment via Paypal. Thanks!

Looks like the payment never posted to my Paypal account, so should I make another order? Or are you waiting until the shipment comes in before you charge people’s accounts?


Paypal should be processing, hit Susan up at For some reason paypal was giving us some trouble Tues-Thurs this last week.